Thursday, March 8, 2012

Road to Recovery...

So the surgery was last week, i didn't post anything before because everything was so crazy and hectic. I had my amazing family by my side during my surgery. And they were there for me my whole hospital stay. I didn't have to stay in the hospital long, my surgery was Wednesday evening & they booted me out Friday at 11am. Maybe they got tired of helping me out of bed every half hour to go to the bathroom? lol But i was so happy to finally be home. Things have been hard but i thought they were gonna be worse. I can do everything by myself pretty much except for driving & carrying things.
The pain now is so unbelievable but its not the same pain i was in before. This pain is all muscle & swelling pain. Right now my left leg is seriously 3 times the size that it is supposed to be, i cant even wear my yoga pants because this leg is so huge & hurts so much. I have a Dr appt today so hopefully they can tell me something or give me something to help the swelling go down? I hoping at this appt they also take out the staples. I heard once those are out it feels a lot better as well.
I had my first PT appt yesterday. The physical therapist said I'm a week ahead of myself and that ill be walking on own in no time. I cant wait to be all better. Everyone i have seen said its official, no snowboarding, skiing, or any fast sports that you are standing for but other than that ill be able to do everything that i have been doing in the past. But i one thing i found out yesterday is that now my left leg is about half an inch longer than my right. I guess the Dr was trying to make me taller :D  Now he will need to equal out my right one when the time comes!

I am so thankful i have such a strong support system and fan base. Everyone has been so helpful & nice. All the kind words, flowers, balloons, cards of encouragement! I luv them all and am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. THANK YOU all for being there for me! I'm so lucky to have friends & family like i do! <3