Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have never had a blog before, but i guess you are just supposed to write about yourself i suppose?
Well this is about me. I have recently been diagnosed with Osteonecrosis. For everyone who doesn't know what it is (like me before i was diagnosed) its a bone disease where you don't get enough blood supply to your bones mostly your joints & they start to die off. It can effect all your major joints (hips, knees, elbows, wrist, ankles & i have recently learned your jaw & ribs) Well mine has started in my hips. Its very painful. I'm not sure if its because of the disease itself or the fact that the disease has caused my hip to fracture itself. But either way, I'm in pain 24/7. I have had several appts with doctors to diagnosis me but after the diagnosis & bad news I cant seem to get anyone to answer my questions which after the shock wears off there are ALOT! Right now i am trying to get a referral to Virgina Mason, i was told that is the best hospital & they will get a whole team of doctors to help you. So here are my fingers crossed that I will get a referral & finally get a response.

But this blog I have created isn't to get sympathy from anyone. Its more to keep my family & friends informed & to vent my frustration, pain & sadness. People have been asking me alot of questions which i haven't been wanting to answer mostly because that would make this whole ordeal real. But the
questions keep coming so I'm just going to open the flood gates & let everyone know.

One thing i REALLY HATE though is when people try to tell me how worse it can be or how "good" i guess i have it. By saying "at least you don't have cancer" or things like that. Honestly, i would rather it be cancer. At least there is a treatment or at least an end to the pain. With this its just sadness & constant pain & waiting for more pain.

So there it is, i have cut my life open & its all exposed. You can ask me question if you want. Tell me how sad you are for me. Or just see what this puts a person through. But this is me & my real life & what i really have to go through.