Wednesday, June 18, 2014

its been awhile...

So since my last post so much has happened. I did have to have a 2nd total hip surgery. Which afterwards my amazing sister took care & helped me through everything! & my niece QB was my little nurse getting me water & ice packs & food!! :)  recovery seemed long but got thru it in 6 weeks.

I did meet & am now with a amazing man, who with all my issues & what I've gone thru; I wake up wondering why he's still here? I am so blessed in so many aspects but anyone in this postision knows there's still SO much sadness that I try to bottle up & not show. I'm still in constant pain, physical & emotional. I have to put on a happy face every day all day. & it kills me more that people close to me can see thru all that BS yet I don't wanna be a downer so I say, "what? Nope im OK!"
Again, don't feel sad or upset for me. I truly am grateful for what I have!! Just wish their wasn't so much sadness & pain.