Thursday, February 2, 2012


I just seen my othro surgeon today. So its confirmed, i need surgery. They want to do a "drilling" surgery in my right hip which they hope will get more blood supply to the joint where i wont need a replacement (for me ever) for serious a while. The other one (left hip) i need surgery asap. they want to do the right one first (hoping my left hip will stay whole until they can get to it) but the left hip i need a total hip surgery. My dr is saying recovery time is 2 weeks, but everything on line says 4 to 6 weeks of recovery time. I oh so pray my dr is right! i cant/dont what to be off work too long! I so hate that i cant do my job as scheduled & the person covering me is prob. so overwhelmed! I honestley miss my position. I hate the one im currently in.
 Everything now is so crazy & overwhelming! All the paperwork, all the anwsers, Questions & the whole surgery processes in general. i guess i need to appoint a person that if i decide to kill over in surgery, they need to tell the dr my requests. Thats crazy to me in itself. Because you think does anyone really know you enough to think in your intrest & what you want for yourself? or what if  your want isnt what they want, will they carry out your want? All of this is wierd for me. I dont like relieing on anyone for anything, So this all super sucks!

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  1. OMGosh. How overwhelming. Praying for you Mary. You are so strong to go thru this.